Lest we forget


In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row



Ukraine flag left
But forgetting we did,
and we did not stop it in time
from happening again
Ukraine flag right


At the start of WWI, heavy fighting erupted in the Halychyna region, also know as Galica. a region comprising what is now Southeastern Poland, Northeastern Slovakia, and Western Ukraine. Today, we see an even stronger exodus of people trying to escape the onslaught in Ukraine caused by an uncompromising and brutal agressor.

1914 -1915: tens of thousands refugees flee Galicia

April 16, 2022: the UN stated that 4,869,019 (almost 5 million) refugees had fled the Ukraine since the start of the war on February 24, 2022.

In WWI, thousands of these refugees ended up in small villages in our South Bohemia and elswhere.

Today, we again opened our hearts and houses to help the refugees and stand in solidarity with Ukraine and its people.

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This website is dedicated to preserve and commemorate

the heritage of the "Forgotten Fronts".


It's main focus is on the WWI Soca - Isonzo front along the Italian - Slovenian border. However, we will also have pages on other "fronts" including the home front and experiences of POWs and refugees.

If you are looking for information on battles, statistics on soldiers, famous battle commanders, or global reviews of the conflicts, you came to the wrong place. If you are interested in personal stories and local histories, I hope we can provide you with some information or point you at some good research sites.

This is a permanent work in progress. Started in 2017, as we continue our research for fallen soliders and personal stories, more information will be made available on this website and on the website of our Czech Emigration museum. If you have information to contribute, we will be happy to include it in our database and add it to our websites.






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